about me

A Dalmatian of Slovene blood and restless spirit. Trained to teach foreign languages, I started my career in tourism, but war turned me toward international organizations where I still work trying to promote and protect human rights. A curious traveler and an eager dreamer by trade. Grateful for the dreams come true, in sweet anticipation of all those that are yet to come to life. Single mum to an assertive teenager. Self-taught photographer for the most part, with several successful individual and group exhibitions in my wake. Chaotically creative, especially in co-creating my own life. Photography and writing give me lots of joy and, after long hiding, mainly from myself, I have decided to plunge myself into both. This collage of places and people that touched me needs to be glued together, so why not right here? And let’s see where it takes me…

about photographs

Travels have inspired my devotion to photography. Today photography inspires my travels.

I used to photograph landscapes and architecture. Today I love photographing people; all that we share regardless of the differences in culture, meridians, faith, race, convictions or status. Struggle and joy. Tear and smiles. Life itself.

I used to think that through photographs I would keep those moments for eternity. Today I know that eternity is not kept, but lived, right in this moment. When I allow myself to live that moment to its fullest, a photograph with a story is created.

Earlier, when arriving in a new town, I used to look for its centre. Now I know that the heart of every place hides in the eyes of the people I meet. I wish to share those hearts with you.


exhibitions and awards

  • Special acknowledgement for photography OUR VOTE COUNTS in the SNAPSHOTS OF DEMOCRACY photo contest by Organization of American States. The photo has been included in the exhibition in the Art Museum of Americas in Washington D.C. in November 2012.
  • Roma girl has been selected as cover face for UNHCR e-learning Course on Statelessness  in October 2012.
  • Honorable mention of photography DRUMMER in Terra Bella Media Photo Contest CELEBRATION 2012.
  • National Geographic Photo Contest 2011, My photograph ROMA GIRL entered Editors’ Favorites under People Category.
  • Man-Bicycle-Man, International Exhibition of Photography, in organisation of Photo club Zagi, Zagreb, Croatia 2011. Honorable Mention for photography SHY.
  • Island and Sea, 15th International Exhibition of Photography, Kukljica, Croatia 2010. Honorable Mention for photography STONE BEAUTY.
  • Africa Day, Kinsale, Ireland, May 2010, in the frame of the celebration of Africa Day, independent exhibition of photographs from Ghana and Togo.
  • Island Photographers of Zadar County 2009 and 2010 - Group exhibitions of 29 photographers of Zadar archipelago provenience with various themes, organisation of Photo club Kornat, Gallery Arsenal, April 2010 and Gallery Terre Verte, June 2011
  • Promises to Children – independent exhibition in homage to the 20th Anniversary of the UN convention on the Right of the Child, in co-operation with UNICEF, UNHCR and European Commission Delegation in Croatia, in EU Information Centre and cinema Europa, Zagreb, November 2009.
  • Lost and Found - independent exhibition of photographs on canvas, Kali, island of Ugljan, August 2009.
  • Memories from the Island- group exhibition of the participants of the Sestrunj workshop, Bologna, Italy, May 2009.
  • Touch of Faith- group exhibition, Marija Bistrica, April 2009 and Zagreb, May 2009.


Nena Lukin
tel: 00385 / 91 53 50 317
e-mail: nenalukin@gmail.com